All Fives

Five is my favorite number.  A month ago I noticed the car was approaching 5,000 miles.  An impossible thought occurred to me to plan to take a picture of the display representing all FIVES.  Wrap your head around…trying to get the car to go exactly 55 miles per hour (without cruise control)…at 5:55 AM or PM…when the odometer hits 5,555 miles…at the exact moment that the trip-dometer hits 555.5 miles…with the temperature showing 55 degrees Fahrenheit! (while driving South which would be represented by an S…the letter looking most like a five…while the transmission would be in Sport mode…also reflecting an S).vvLONG STORY SHORT: I would have approx 5.5 seconds to nail this picture since there was only a 1/10 of a mile window at highway speed.

This morning was THE MORNING of the event.  In the darkness, I departed with sidekick Murphy in tow, excited by the cool and damp air. Here is the result….

The temperature a few minutes before, AND AFTER, was a spiteful 55 degrees, however for this shot…it is what it is.  As for the blurriness…blame the excitement, or the frustration, or the highway, or the early hour sans-Starbucks.  Lastly, the cardinal direction of South suspiciously went missing from the upper left corner.  Apparently the car isn’t a morning person either.

September 18, 2010

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